1. Who am I If you going to give your data to?

If you hire my services, you need to use a contact form from this website or you could contact me by any other way. It is possible that you need to give me some personal details from the person who is hiring my services (name, telephone, email…). As a responsible of the contractual contract I am obligated to facilitate my identification data. Please, take a note of my data in case you need to exert some of your rights related to data protection.

In charge: Gema Seara
Company ID: 34982961-F
Address: Vilarchao 54, 32152 Coles (Ourense)
Email address:

2. 2. Is it lawful this data handling?

  • If you hire my services, the handling of your personal data is lawful in order to be able to offer the services of my business. (Art. 6b. EU data protection EU data protection
  • If you contact me, the use that I am going to with your personal data has the aim to answer your questions. It is legal in my legitimate interest (Art, 6f of EU data protection).
  • If we have a previous contractual data, it is based on my own lawful interest the legitimate way to use your data to send you information about my services or similar.
  • To do any other kind of personal data protection, I always will previously ask your explicit consent. Therefore, the way I will you your data will be legal in base with the article 6.a. of EU data protection

3. Who else will have access to my personal data?

I will not give or share your personal data with anybody nevertheless you have to be aware that when you use the online form. Our conversation will be register by the Hostinger server; the company where Ihire my spot for my website and email. Hostinger policy is here:

4. Until when I will keep your personal data?

In general, I will stop to keep your personal data until the data that will no longer be necessary for its first objective (answer an enquire, to handle the services you have hired, or others). Therefore, you must be informed that by law it is compulsory to keep some data during a period of time (for example, revenue and customs obligated me to preserve my bills for a period of 5 years). In these cases, your data will be well preserved, safe and deleted when the length that the law determinates

5. What right do I have related to data protection?

As I am using your personal data you are entitled to the following rights. You can access to your rights communicating my email.

  • Right to access: You have the right to be informed about the way I am using your data, which can of data I am using, the use of it, until when I am going to use it or to whom I have shared the information to. You also have the right to receive a copy of your personal data.
  • Dereito de rectificación: Tes dereito a que rectifique ou complete os datos Right to correction: you have the right to correct or complete the data that was inaccurate or uncertain.
  • Right to delete: You have the right to have deleted your personal data from my files when they no longer are necessary for the reasons they were collected for.
  • Restriction right: You have the right to without being deleted completely, to have your data deleted in certain areas that the law allows
  • Right to oppose: You have the right to oppose that your data will be used in different areas (like for surveys).
  • Portability right: You have the right to be given a form of your personal data where you can choose to whom to give that data in order that you can give then to a different person in charge of the treatment
  • If you consider that the way your personal data have been used is unlawful, you have the right to write down a complain to the “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD” – Spanish Agency of Data Protection-)

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